Send a Form or Packet to A Client

Follow these steps to start sending to clients

Click "Send Form" or "Send Packet".

Send Form will send an individual form. 
Send Packet will a group of forms that have been Pre-set under Packets. Learn how to Create Packets

Enter Your Clients first and last name. 

(if you are sending to a parent/legal guardian, still enter your client's name)

Select whether you are sending via email or text message.

Enter the email or phone number you wish to send to.

Click "Send"


You will see the form/packet you sent appear under " Pending Items." Once your client complete's their form(s) you will get notified and see their form move from "Pending Items" to "Received Items"

If you need to create a packet you can learn here Create Packets

You can also have forms added to your website or if you want forms completed in office use you can use Tablet Mode or Kiosk Mode

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