Managing and Invite Team Members

There are 3 types of Team Members (also known as "Users") in Zentake:

  1. Administrator - There is only one admin per account. They can access everything including billing. This is the person who created the account. This role can not be removed, but it can be transferred to another team member. (Contact support if you need to change the administrator)
  2. Manager - can access/manage all documents, content/templates, contacts, users and billing. 
  3. Member - can access forms and clients but cannot delete or edit. They will not have access to billing or teams.

You can manage your team members in your Profile Settings > Team

On the top of your Profile Settings, you'll see a couple other options. To invite other users to your account, click on "Team". 

Within your Team Settings, you are able to invite other team members to help you send and receive forms by clicking "Add Member".

Enter their name and email and click the drop-down menu under "Role" to assign them which type of user they will be:

The recipients of the invite will receive an email inviting them to join Zentake:

Clicking this link will verify their account and allow them to sign up by creating a password.

That's it! Now your team members can use your Zentake account to help you create and send/receive forms.

If you have questions or need additional help, please reach out to our support at

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