How to merge clients

If you have duplicated clients in your account, you can merge them into a single client, so that all their forms and packets are accessible from a single client timeline. Merging 2 clients will transfer all forms and packets "Client #1" to "Client #2". After all documents are merged, "Client #2" will be deleted.

To merge duplicate patient charts, take the following steps:

1. Got to Client #1 (client account you want to keep)

2. Click the gear icon to the right of the client's name and then click

" Merge".

3. The current client will preselected as the "Master client", Choose the other chart you would like to merge. (The " Master client" will receive the "Client to merge's" data. After all forms and packets have been transferred to the "Master client" the Client to merge" will be deleted.) 

4. Make sure the information is correct and click on "Merge".

Immediately Contact us via chat or email and The Zentake Support Team will assist you with un-merging the two charts.

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