How to use office tablets

Every office has different work flows for different forms. Some of the time it is better for a form the be completed in the office.

*Any IOS or Android Tablet will do - avoid Amazon Fire Tablets, They will not work very well

There are 2 different modes for in office forms. "Tablet Mode" and "Kiosk Mode."

Tablet mode allows for more flexibility on what types of forms are completed from client to client. A staff member will have control of the tablet and is able start by selecting the needed forms for that particular client. Once the forms are selected they will hand the tablet to the client for the forms to be completed.

Kiosk mode is great if you are wanting a free standing "kiosk" that does not have to be managed by a staff member. You are able to select one form or one packet to be completed per kiosk., once one client finishes it will cycle back to the start for the next client, without your staff having to manage it!

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