What Types of Questions can I Add to Forms

Choose from different question types that enable you to easily collect, validate and disperse different types of patient information.

Section - Sections are used to help you break up the form so it’s easier to read. Add explanatory text or headlines to a set of questions. (Demographics, Insurance Info, Medical History etc.)

Question Types

Text - Contains two sub types, Single line text  & Multi-line text 

  • Single line text - are intended for simple, single-line responses like first name, company name, etc.
  • Multi-line text - are intended for questions that may take more than a few words to answer.

Number -  Like text questions but only numbers can be entered.

Address - used to quickly create collect valid address information. It is a collection of 4 questions that make up an address (street, city, state, zip)

Checkbox - are used when you have a question that has several answer options, and you want clients to be able to select as many as needed of those options.

Radio - are used when you have a question that has several answer options, but you only want clients to be able to select one of those options. (If you want them to be able to select more than one option, you would use a Checkbox)

Dropdown - are used to create a list of items that you want a user to choose from.

Description - Here is where you can insert rich text (photos, formatted text, links, etc.).

File Upload - Here, clients can upload a picture, document, or other file type to your form. Consider using this feature to allow clients to upload a drivers license or Insurance card.

Date/TimeThis is a place for clients to enter either a date, time, or both (e.g., date of birth).

  • Date - Month/Day/Year
  • Time - HH:MM:SS
  • Date and time - Month/Day/Year HH:MM:SSFile upload - Enables clients to attach images, insurances cards and other documents.

Signature - Collect legally binding electronic signatures on any form. (Signatures will auto stamp the date and time signed, so no need to add a date question)

The Follow question are designed for custom use cases.

Matrix - Matrix questions are layed out it a "grid" format to collect information quickly. There 3 sub types, Radio, Checkbox, and Open-ended.

  • Radio - Only one selection per row
  • Checkbox - Multiple selection(s) per row
  • Open-ended - Free text fields for each column added

Table - Table fields allow you to collect repeating data. A table keep all your data organized in a concise grid format with columns and rows.

Image Marker - Add any image which then allows the client to draw on to give more description. (great when you need to know exact locations of pain etc.)

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