Setting up Tablet Mode

Tablet mode allows for quick and efficient completion of all forms that a client needs when they are in the office. Staff members start by selecting the necessary forms for any particular client. Once the forms are selected they will hand the tablet to the client for the forms to be completed.

Access your tablet’s native browser. *Ipad = Safari, Android tablets = Chrome.
Login to our Zentake account like normal. *Do not save your password on the browser
Go to "Settings" found under your profile icon in the top right corner.

In Settings you will press “ Tablet Mode”. This will launch tablet mode. (Your tablet will stay in tablet mode until you logout 

Creating the Tablet Mode app

Create the tablet mode app by clicking the box with the upward arrow at the bottom of your screen (Ipads only) 
Then Add to home screen.
Name the app Zentake and click "Add."


You now should see Zentake tablet mode app created on the home screen or you tablet.

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